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Essiem's Apiary: Crafting Exceptional Mead and Wine with a Personal Twist

Essiem's Apiary: Crafting Exceptional Mead and Wine with a Personal Twist

Anthony Essiem’s journey began in the least obvious place. Their enrollment at Northampton Community College led to the discovery of multiple passions worth pursuing for a living. Essiem ‘s Apiary LLC (Limited Liability Companie

s) was born out of a love for beekeeping and the exploration of mead and wine making. Anthony Essiem wanted to choose a life of happiness over the certain stability of the health field. This decision has afforded the opportunity for customers to liven up their palates with unique flavors. We will take a deeper dive into this business of beekeeping, mead and wine making.


Essiem's Apiary: Crafting Exceptional Mead and Wine with a Personal Twist

Discovery of Mead and Wine Making

Beekeeping inspired his discovery. The story starts with the completion of a research project headed by his microbiology professor Sonia. The main goal of the research was to determine the capability of various mushrooms and honeys to inhibit bacterial growth. During this experience he gained an interest in honey and honeybees. Afterwards, he was accepted to East Stroudsburg University for his chosen career field. Anthony could not help but feel uncertain about this choice. At this pivotal moment, he asked his professor for advice on his next step. Professor Massie told him to choose a degree that made him happy. However, settling for a degree will lead to future unhappiness if he does not enjoy what he does.

Stand out Unique Flavors

Before we dive into the list of flavors certain terms need to be defined here. Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made of honey, water and yeast . There are some flavors described here that do not sound typical. Ginger mead is the standout flavor of mead customers rave about. Ginger mead is often compared to ginger ale. Essiem's Apiary offers many other distinct flavors. This variety includes banana, jalapeno, and metheglin mead. Each mead flavor is made from fresh ingredients to enhance taste and smell. Anthony also has two unusual wine flavor options, Daylily and Tomato wine. Who knew Roma tomatoes would be great for sweet fruity wine?!

Strategic Partnerships for Quality

The partnerships he has taken on are for more space for his beehives. He has beehives on Jerry Bouwman’s property. Jerry is a friend who helped him out by letting him keep beehives on land he was not using. There are hives at Stewart Family Farms, Gould’s Produce Farm, and Echo Ridge Farms. The area coverage certainly offers the ability to blend a range of products. Mr. Essiem knows these lands are eudaemonic (refers to well-being, happiness, or flourishing) environments to cultivate quality honey. The product cannot be compared with any other product on the market.

Traditional Touches with A Personal Twist

The traditions he follows are related to his cultural roots. This owner was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. He feels obligated to honor the meads you can find in his homeland. The types of meads found there are hibiscus and spices native to Africa. Anthony sources these ingredients from the country to connect the locals with his roots.

Recommendations for the Newbies

His recommendations are based on reasonable knowledge. A newbie should first taste dry mead. Then they could move on to classic mead. The point is to discover how mead tastes without flavor. He describes classic mead as neither dry nor super sweet. This seems like sound advice considering classic mead is the middle between flavor ranges.

Essiem's Apiary: Crafting Exceptional Mead and Wine with a Personal Twist

Fall Inspired Favorites

When fall comes around there are many ways to tell the season has come. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know which flavors scream its fall season. Can anyone say pumpkin spice lattes? In the mead and wine market, this crafter makes a lot of cranberry and pumpkin mead. You cannot really experience fall without pumpkin flavor. It is a different story for his wines. Wines containing black and green tea are the focus. This sounds very appealing to a frequent tea drinker like me.

The Essence of Autumn Flavors

When asked to answer this question, Anthony lists a few fall-related aromas. The most exciting part is that these products not only smell good but are the favorite flavors of customers shopping in the fall. In addition to Bochet tea wine, Sarah's Granny and cinnamon mead can be found here. These in title alone would have a person reminiscing about fall. Cinnamon is a staple in my house for


Season Offerings and Challenges

Maintaining consistency in quality and flavor sounds like his early lab experience. This diligent owner keeps records of customer ratings for his products. The items with the highest ratings of 8 to 10 are then produced consistently. Anthony has a process for creating each one that is followed exactly as before. Surprisingly, he could follow the same steps and get a different result in batches sometimes. Anthony takes on the challenge of investigating what went wrong at this point.

Continuous Innovation through Experimentation

He innovates constantly with his flavors. Essiem’s Apiary experiments with the possibilities which different ingredients have to offer. It is possible to draw inspiration from previous travels as different places have different ingredients worth exploring. As a result of this continuous experimentation, Essiem's Apiary now offers 30 flavors. This is a boast worthy accomplishment, as well as a terrific way to differentiate the business in this specialized market.

Describe Essiem’s Apiary in One Word

Exceptional is the response given in response to the question. This word expresses what customer feedback says about average. This word embodies the standards he sets for Anthony's mead and wines. We can see this translated into his choice of flavors, ingredients, and areas used to produce quality products. Essiem's Apiary stands apart from any other. Behind their business success is a mad scientist in love with beekeeping.




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