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KIDZ KORNER - Josh's Treasures

Updated: Jan 5

Welcome to Kid Korner, the special section of Prixmatic magazine where we celebrate the remarkable achievements of young entrepreneurs. In this edition, we are thrilled to feature Josh Jr Hawkins and his exceptional business, Josh's Treasures. Join us as we delve into the inspiring story behind Josh's Treasures, exploring the inspiration, challenges, and successes that have shaped this young entrepreneur's journey. Get ready to be inspired by the passion and determination of Josh Jr as we showcase his remarkable accomplishments. Welcome to Kid Korner, where young dreams turn into extraordinary realities!

Q: How did the idea for Josh's Treasures first come to you, and what motivated you to start your own business at such a young age?

A: Josh is a young entrepreneur with big ideas for the future. The name of his small business just seemed to come to him. It is clear this little guy has a deep respect and admiration for his mother April. April is a local business owner in the city of Taylor, PA. His motivation stems from watching his mother run her business successfully. For Josh Jr., the answer to this question is easy. His mom has shown him how to do everything with his business. I guess the saying is true, behind every great man (boy) there is a great woman. On top of this admiration for his mama, he also would like to have a lot of things. This little guy at the age of 9 years old understands the importance of earning your own money to buy the stuff you desire. He is practicing long-term thinking here.

Q: We're curious to know more about the products or services you offer through Josh's Treasures. Could you share some details with us and explain what makes them unique or special?

A: This kid offers a variety of products which appeal to most kids his age and older. He offers temporary tattoos which seem to grab the attention of teenagers. They are an older crowd that he can cater to with the joy of artwork on the skin that does not require a serious commitment. Josh also offers other products such as Rubik’s cubes, and handmade bracelets. That is right folks. He has the skill and patience to make products to sell too. Josh learned to make bracelets from none other than his mother. At this point, we have to commend his mom for being such a great role model. Typically, he produces a stock of bracelets in various colors and even includes affirmations on some. There are times when customers will have special requests. Josh also offers customized bracelet services. This well-rounded businessman knows how to keep his people happy. I mean literally, he makes affirmation bracelets.

Q: Running a business requires dedication and hard work, which can sometimes come with challenges. As a young entrepreneur, what are some of the obstacles you've faced, and how have you managed to overcome them?

A: This seemed to be a question which stumped Josh. I guess when you actually love what you are doing it does not really seem like challenging work. If he had to come up with something it would have to be the process of pricing his items. The way he has managed this challenge is not shocking. He will ask his parents for guidance. This is where we really needed some input from the ones who know best. The parents! Josh’s father had to take a moment to think about this question. His mother gave us a better perspective on the obstacles she has observed. As April so eloquently describes, “Getting him to recognize the things that make him excited, as a child and seeing it as an opportunity for growth and development.”. We can read here why he looks to this wonderful woman for help and inspiration. His dad expanded more on how Josh has learned to tackle problems well. He speaks about his son’s ability to recognize when he is experiencing a challenge. Josh has learned to see it as a positive chance to learn and overcome. These two parents provide the right kind of environment for a child to develop into a successful, happy individual.

Q: It's truly impressive to see someone your age balancing school and a business simultaneously. How do you effectively manage your time between your studies and running Josh's Treasures?

A: This young entrepreneur almost got away with understating the responsibilities he balances while running a business. Josh humbling says he gets his homework done during dismissal while he waits for his bus to get called. This way homework gets done before he arrives home. Then he will play outside for a couple of hours if the weather is nice. I love hearing about a kid who actually plays outdoors. This is becoming a rare thing in modern times. When he comes back in, time is dedicated to making bracelets. Afterwards, he will sneak in some family time. Now, this does not seem to sound like the balancing act a business would require of a person. Thank goodness for his mom. She gives us the scoop. So come to find out, he is a very busy guy. He is involved in karate, basketball, and takes piano lessons. When he is at practice, he seizes the opportunity to do business. He has even been able to make his own karate teacher a customer. The strategy Josh uses involves using any free time during his active schedule to sell.

Q: Many entrepreneurs find inspiration from role models in the business world. Is there someone who particularly inspires you, and if so, why do they resonate with you?

A: There is no surprise with his answer to these questions. In his eyes, there is no one more inspirational than his own mother. Josh has been able to witness her success as a business owner. She gave him the confidence to believe he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. As Josh puts it, “Well, if she is able to do what she does, I should be able to as well, and maybe even better”. In this guy’s mind, he has one of the best role models out there to look up to.

Q: Building a customer base is crucial for any business. Can you share some insights into how you attract customers to Josh's Treasures? What strategies have proven most effective for you?

A: Josh has been successful in forming a strong customer base. The way he does this is by seeing every place he is at as an opportunity to sell. All the spaces he visits is a market for him to dive right into. Whether he is at school or at an event, he can find a customer to sell to. We all know businesses need to advertise in some manner these days to attract more buyers. Josh saves on paying for advertising by just wearing his bracelets. He models them at these different places. It has proven to be an effective strategy with the ending result being an interested person comes right up to him to ask where he got it.

Q: Along your entrepreneurial journey, have there been any setbacks or failures? If so, how have you approached those experiences and what valuable lessons have you learned from them?

A: One lesson Josh learned was how to develop his social skills. It was hard at the beginning for him to speak with customers. He was not used to having to talk to a lot of people. Then Josh had been offered a table at the Black Business Expo. This made him very nervous. He managed to work through his nervousness. The event turned out to be successful. He sold a lot of temporary tattoos. From this experience he learned to not be so shy around groups of people. Now, he walks up to customers and invites them over to take a look at his stuff.

Q: Continuous learning is important for entrepreneurs to stay ahead. How do you stay updated with the latest trends and ideas in your industry? Are there any specific resources or strategies you find helpful?

A: As an entrepreneur Josh utilizes the observations he makes from customers. He has noticed a few trends from their purchasing behavior. Young adults gravitate more towards tattoos. The Rubik’s cubes and bracelets better suit the needs of kids his age. This is the main way he is able to at this time keep up with any patterns in these markets.

Q: Growing a business often involves making tough decisions. Can you recall a particularly challenging decision you've had to make as a young entrepreneur? How did you approach it, and what was the outcome?

A: His business has been around for about a year which is not a very long period of time. It may be the reason Josh has not been met with too many tough decisions. He would have to say that pricing is the most difficult decision at this time. There are many factors to consider when setting a price. The hardest part is finding a balance between the cost to make the product along with a price a customer in the age groups he sells to is willing to pay. Thankfully, he gets help from his parents on this. I believe as the business continues to grow, he will have more opportunities to learn and make more decisions.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to other kids who aspire to start their own businesses? What key things should they keep in mind as they embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys?

A: This is a question he does not hesitate to think about. Josh confidently says, “To be honest, just do whatever you like to do or eat. Then you could sell that”. You got to admire this advice. Josh does not realize how impressive it is for a boy his age to recognize this truth. He is telling us the things we love to do the most, are the things we could eventually make a living off of. Your genuine love for something will help guide you to make the right choices to be successful. I cannot tell you how many adults learn this later in life after pursuing a career they did not love. They came to the same realization this amazing 9-year-old businessman lives by.

It will be exciting to see where Josh’s journey takes him in the future. I think it is safe to say we will be hearing a lot about him.

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