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NutriJenn: A Healthy Smoothy Bar with Delicious and Nutritious Eats

Jennie Tavarez, NutriJenn, WilkesBarre PA, Smoothie bar
Jennie Tavarez standing in front of NutriJenn Bar

In a recent interview with Jennie Tavarez, the passionate founder of NutriJenn, we delved into the inspiration behind her popular smoothie cafe and the health benefits customers can expect from her innovative menu. Jennie's personal journey of health transformation and her dedication to helping others have shaped NutriJenn into a unique and beloved establishment in the community.

NutriJenn, Wilkesbarre, PA,  Smoothie bar

From Struggles to Transformation:

Jennie's motivation to start NutriJenn stemmed from her own struggles with health and weight loss. Despite rigorous workouts at the gym, she saw no results due to poor nutrition and hydration. Anemia and frequent migraines further plagued her well-being. It was during her first pregnancy, when her anemia reached a critical level, that she realized she needed to make serious changes. With the guidance of her coach, Yina, Jennie discovered the importance of proper nutrition and moderation, which transformed her life. Inspired by her own success, Jennie became an online wellness coach, specializing in Herbalife products, and embarked on a mission to help others achieve their health goals.

A Lightbulb Moment:

Jennie's passion for healthy cooking and her experience with Herbalife products laid the foundation for her vision of opening a nutrition club. Determined to make a difference in people's lives, she took action despite financial limitations. Jennie distributed flyers, offered free workouts, and introduced clients to Herbalife products. Through word-of-mouth and the support of a hair salon owner who allowed her to promote her business, Jennie gained initial clients and built momentum. Her commitment to expanding outreach led her to meet other business owners and make valuable connections within the community.

Seating area in NutriJenn, smoothie bar, Wilkesbarre PA, NEPA, Herbalife
Seating area in NutriJenn

The NutriJenn Experience:

At NutriJenn, customers can expect a range of health benefits from the juices and smoothies offered. The menu boasts nutritious ingredients like aloe for digestive health, protein for energy and meal replacement, 21 vitamins and minerals, fiber for digestion, and collagen for skin elasticity, nail and hair growth, and cellular health. Jennie's customers are amazed by the delicious flavors and low-calorie content of the drinks. NutriJenn also offers protein donuts, acai bowls (pictured below) , as well as crepes and waffles!

Setting Nutrijenn Apart:

What sets NutriJenn apart from other smoothie cafes and juice bars is the variety and customization options available. Unlike traditional green juice bars, NutriJenn caters to a diverse clientele, including children and gym-goers seeking post-workout proteins and pre-workout supplements. The menu features unique flavor combinations like Pina Colada, Mangalicious, and Peanut Toffee Shake. Additionally, Jennie introduces new specials each month, giving customers a chance to try exciting creations.

A Personalized Approach:

Jennie goes the extra mile in understanding individual dietary needs and preferences, going above and beyond to ensure that each customer's unique requirements are met. With the comprehensive training she receives from Herbalife, she is equipped to address specific health concerns and recommend suitable products. Additionally, Jenni's commitment to staying up to date with health and wellness trends ensures that her customers receive the best guidance and options for their specific needs. Through monthly training sessions, she continuously learns about new products, dietary alternatives, and ways to address customers' unique health concerns. This extensive knowledge allows her to provide personalized recommendations and alternatives to customers with dietary sensitivities or health conditions.

Chocolate Oreo Protein Shake | Mangolicious | Sunrise Megatea

Overcoming Challenges and Community Engagement:

As a minority-owned business, NutriJenn has faced its share of challenges, from securing a location to building a customer base. However, Jennie's positivity and resourcefulness have helped her overcome them. Initially, there were slow days with few customers, but Jennie used that time to engage with her online followers and build a strong social media presence. You can find her on Instagram at @nutrijenn. She emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to accommodate their preferences and dietary needs.

NutriJenn's commitment to the local community is evident in its efforts to collaborate with other businesses and engage with customers beyond the cafe walls. Jennie personally visits neighboring establishments, offers free samples, and establishes partnerships. She also organizes events such as family days, movie nights, and workouts in local parks to bring the community together and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through NutriJenn's events and collaborations, Jennie has created a strong sense of community among her customers. They not only come to NutriJenn for their favorite smoothies but also to connect with like-minded individuals who share their health goals. Jennie encourages her customers to share their success stories and transformations, fostering an environment of support and motivation.

NutriJenn, Wilkesbarre, PA,  Smoothie bar

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, Jennie has ambitious plans for NutriJenn. She aims to expand her business by opening additional locations in neighboring towns, providing more people with access to healthy and delicious options. She also plans to launch an online platform where customers can order NutriJenn products for delivery, making it even more convenient for them to prioritize their health. She aspires to expand her involvement by partnering with schools and sports teams to provide hydration and muscle recovery options during games and events.

NutriJenn has become more than just a smoothie cafe; it has become a symbol of health, inspiration, and community. Jennie's personal journey and commitment to helping others have fueled the success of her business and continue to inspire those around her. With a menu filled with nutritious and flavorful options, personalized recommendations, and a welcoming atmosphere, NutriJenn is truly making a difference in the lives of its customers and the community as a whole. So, the next time you're looking for a refreshing and healthy beverage, remember to pay a visit to NutriJenn and be a part of the journey towards a healthier you.


Contact and Visit!

Instagram: @nutrijenn Address: 235 Scott Street Wilkes Barre Pa 18702

Phone: (862)-686-9070

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