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sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa

The Artist SACHIKO is an abstract artist residing in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and proudly identifying as Queer and Asian-American. Their artistic expressions serve as a powerful tool for sharing their unique perspective on the world and fostering connections with others.

Through their art, The Artist SACHIKO fearlessly addresses sensitive topics such as discrimination and mental health, drawing from personal experiences to initiate meaningful conversations and break down the associated stigma. Their works delve deep into the raw aspects of life, exploring the interplay of texture and color to unveil the enduring imprints left by life's experiences.

The Artist SACHIKO's art is an invitation to join them on a journey of self-reflection and empathy, fostering a greater understanding of the complexities that shape our shared human experience. With each creation, they strive to challenge norms, ignite dialogue, and promote a more inclusive and compassionate world.

“You need to create. You need to put yourself out there no matter how uncomfortable you feel or how much you hate your work it doesn’t matter just get your work out there.”

sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa

Qualities Of A Woman

Introspection Collection

20" high x 20" wide

Acrylic on canvas

February 2022

"Qualities Of A Woman" captures the essence of women's strength, independence, and intelligence. With its vibrant palette of bold orange, fiery red, and powerful yellow strokes, the artwork makes a bold and striking statement. The intricate layers of color add depth and complexity to the composition, further emphasizing the multifaceted qualities of women. "Qualities Of A Woman" is a celebration of the remarkable contributions and attributes that define women and serve as a testament to their resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit.

Artist bio:

Born in Hilo, Hawaii, and raised in rural upstate New York, The Artist SACHIKO discovered their passion for creating at a young age. From the very beginning, they immersed themselves in a variety of artistic mediums, exploring painting, photography, and pottery. Throughout their college years, their primary focus was on graphic design, honing their skills and expanding their creative horizons.

After graduating, The Artist SACHIKO embarked on a professional journey in the world of art, leveraging their strong background as a graphic designer, photographer, and creative director. These experiences provided them with a solid foundation for their artistic endeavors, fueling their creativity and fostering a spirit of exploration.

Now based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, The Artist SACHIKO continues to channel their passion into their work, pushing the boundaries of their creativity and embracing the art of self-expression. Their diverse artistic background and relentless dedication allow them to create compelling and thought-provoking pieces that resonate with audiences on a profound level. Through their art, they strive to inspire, connect, and evoke a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit.

sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa

America: June 24, 2022

Commentary on Post-Pandemic Life

30" high x 24" wide

Acrylic on canvas

August 2022

Are all Americans free?

In response to the pivotal U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, "America: June 24, 2022" challenges the notion of true freedom for all Americans. This artwork delves into the depths of this complex societal issue, provoking thought, and introspection. With its striking combination of deep reds, vibrant pinks, and the ethereal wash of white, the painting evokes a sense of urgency and tension. "America: June 24, 2022" serves as a powerful visual commentary, inviting viewers to contemplate the ongoing struggle for equality in our nation.

Art helps us to show truth to our lives. The expressions of an artist are more than just works of art. Sometimes words cannot articulate our most volatile feelings. Artwork works as a channel to communicate feelings we all have experienced, but do not talk about. Locally, we have the privilege of connecting with a self-reflective abstract artist, Sachiko. They paints with the guidance of their deepest feelings. The anxious energy is channeled as a force to produce work. Acrylic paintings are used as a medium for catharsis, alleviating the pain of human existence. They wants to motivate others to do what they love and not be afraid to be in touch with your feelings.

Finding Inspiration

There is no surprise in Sachiko’s response. Sachiko has been engaging in creative pursuits since they were a baby. The creative drive has always been there naturally. They have explored several types of mediums throughout their life. They made the conscious decision to follow their intrinsic desire to create. Art has been their primary means of communicating with everyone. Even listening to their answer sounds artistic.

Emotions and Their Influence on Artwork

Sachiko explains the response to Roe Vs. Wade overturn last year. Their reaction to the overturn is exemplary of how inspiration can be fueled by all kinds of emotions. The stories told about Sachiko's actions and creativity have had a profound impact on the people around them, prompting them to reflect on the concept of freedom in America. Theystarted to question whether all Americans really are free. From this perspective, they were able to produce two pieces of work.

Meaningful Creations Help Overcome Anxiety

Sachiko found it hard to choose just one. Each piece is tied to their own personal thoughts and feelings. Collections they have made are composed of a main theme at the time. They can say there is one overarching theme shown in their work. Anxiety is something they have dealt with for most of their life. I wish my release of anxiety were this beautiful.

Choosing Acrylic Paint as a Medium

Utilizing the medium of acrylic paints has allowed them flexibility in the work they paint. Acrylic paints are forgiving while also providing versatility in the colors they can mix. This allows them to translate the versatility of their emotions, which influence their pieces. If you think about it, introspection involves working with layers of feelings, just like the layers of paint included in each painting. Sachiko enjoys having the ability to build upon layers of paint because it dries quickly. This forms a visibly textured surface, enticing you to touch not just look. This adds to the audience’s experience of their colorful work. The absorption of their art does not stop there. You can continue admiring more art on their website. They add a personalized touch with a “browse your feelings” line where you click to start shopping around your feelings. The viewers can get a personal look into the artist's emotions in each piece.

sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa

Independent Gloom

Monochromatic Moods

30" high x 24" wide x 1.5" deep

Acrylic on canvas

January 2023

The somber moments alone.

"Independent Gloom" offers a depiction of the human experience during solitary moments. With its carefully chosen purple hues, the artwork captures the essence of introspection and melancholy. The various shades of purple create a visual narrative that explores the depths of loneliness and introspection. "Independent Gloom," invites you to reflect on the complexities of a solitary journey. The artwork pulls you into a somber moment alone.

Empowering Underrepresented Artists

They answer this with a solution supported by a need to be filled in this area. Sachiko believes there needs to be more spaces where minority artists have a chance to display their work. This, in fact, would assist in getting their voices heard. The beauty of diversity is the various perspectives it can contain. They believe all artists should be able to share their unique views.

Sachiko's Artistic Expression

Sachiko, half Japanese and raised by a white single mom, initially felt disconnected from their cultural background in their art. However, exploring certain elements has deepened their connection. They've made a conscious effort to explore their roots, addressing the feeling of missing out from their upbringing.

From Brushstrokes to Recognition

One small yet effective way was to begin a new year off with a motto. The motto was saying yes to anything art related. In the long run, it did get them into a common situation ambitious workers tend to get into. I can say I am guilty of overcommitting to things. When you want to progress in something you love, there comes this harsh realization. One person cannot do it all. They did get the needed exposure, enabling them the chance to share a plethora of art. They were on TV three times and had the opportunity to speak on not one but two podcasts. Sachiko has even filmed a documentary.

Where to Experience Sachiko's Captivating Artistry

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see more of Sachiko's work, there are upcoming opportunities. They have a showing event starting October through November at Nimble Hill Winery. We will share the details as they are confirmed closer to the event.

sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa
Photo Credit goes to Denzell St.Rose. Instagram @denzwiththelens.

The Canvas of Home: Sachiko's Creative Space

Sachiko works solely from home. I cannot believe with the amount of work they produce there isn't a space where art lives. Their website helps keep pieces moving out of the home, which I am sure will make them happy. You cannot have a home overtaken by artwork. As they say, happy partner, happy life.

Sachiko's Advice for BIPOC and Minority Creatives

They give some great advice while responding to this question. "You need to createA. You need to put yourself out there, no matter how uncomfortable you feel or how much you may doubt your work. It does not matter. Get your work out there."

Sachiko's advice emphasizes the importance of taking action and pushing past self-doubt and discomfort. It encourages BIPOC and minority creatives to share their work with the world, recognizing that getting their art out there is a crucial step in showcasing their talent and unique perspectives. By doing so, they can gain visibility and make their voices heard in the creative community.

The Beautiful Chaos of Being Married to an Artist

As one could imagine, the word messy came up. It's clear with hundreds of works being done, there is going to be a lot of paint. They were straightforward about this fact. There is no corner untouched by paint and art. Being the partner of an artist requires patience and understanding. They feel the best thing to do is let them create. If it is making them happy, the most loving thing to do is encourage them. This loving person is the essence of an amazing support system.

sachiko the artist, abstract artist, scranton pa
Photo Credit goes to Denzell St.Rose. Instagram @denzwiththelens.

Sachiko's Day Job and Artistic Pursuits

Yes, this artist does work a day job. We all have responsibilities to take care of. Luckily, they work in a field related to art, specifically in email and social marketing, as well as project management. This marketing approach aligns well with their unique methods used for promoting their artwork. This interview took place at Gio's Pizza in Clark Summit, where they are the chosen resident artist. The walls are adorned with their paintings that feature explosive colors. Under each painting is a QR code for viewers to scan, directing them straight to their website to explore more art. This is an ingenious way to promote their work. The website also offers insights into the meanings behind each piece.

Sachiko's Dream and Endless Possibilities

For Sachiko, the answer is a big yes. They often wonder how having extra time would enhance their work. The additional time would allow them to explore new artistic avenues and possibilities, which excites them.

Sachiko was a pleasure to meet and write about. This queer Asian artist brings a new edge to the local art scene. They are using their need to create as a vessel to share artwork while also communicating with others. They are in touch with their feelings, showing people how vulnerability can be a beautiful thing. If you want an opportunity to check out some of Sachiko's work, visit their website at Here you can stay updated on any upcoming showings. If you want to show some support, they are not done creating yet. It seems they would like to make a bigger impact in the art world and create some significant waves on its shores.



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