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Shaina Walker: Something Beautiful - Crafted With Intention and Inspiration

In this feature, we shine a spotlight on Shaina Walker, the talented jewelry maker and artist behind SB by Phoenix Monea (Something Beautiful by Phoenix Monae). Shaina's journey into the world of jewelry making and art is an inspiring tale of following one's passion and embracing creativity. From her indigenous roots to her commitment to sustainability and personalization, Shaina infuses her unique energy into each piece she creates. Join us as we delve into her artistic process, the meaning behind her brand, and the impact she aims to make through her creations.

Something Beautiful
Shaina Walker
Discovering a Creative Path:

Shaina's artistic journey began with a dream. In 2015, she wrote in her journal about starting an aromatherapy line and creating bracelets. Little did she know that the journal would resurface during the tail end of the pandemic, reigniting her passion for jewelry making. While she had always enjoyed various forms of art, such as dancing, singing, and modeling, jewelry making became her new venture into a creative path that aligned with her passion.

The Birth of Something Beautiful:

When asked about the name of her business, Shaina shares the story behind it. After creating her first piece, she looked at it and realized it was something beautiful. Drawing inspiration from her own nickname, Phoenix Monae, the name SB by Phoenix Monea emerged. It was a perfect representation of her artistic vision and the essence of her creations.

Indigenous Roots and Artistic Expression:

Shaina's indigenous heritage and personal experiences heavily influence her artistic process. She explains that every piece she creates is infused with feeling, which is why she takes breaks on bad days to ensure

Indigenous Roots and Artistic Expression:

Shaina's indigenous heritage and personal experiences heavily influence her artistic process. She explains that every piece she creates is infused with feeling, which is why she takes breaks on bad days to ensure that negative energy doesn't translate into her work. Shaina's grandmother, who was of Blackfoot Indian descent, surrounded herself with crystals, inspiring Shaina to incorporate crystal-based products in her creations. Additionally, she aims to translate emotions and tailor each piece to the individual, making it a truly personalized and meaningful experience for the wearer.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

As sustainability and ethical practices gain importance in the art and jewelry industry, Shaina ensures that her creations are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. She meticulously sources her crystals, specifically raw crystals, from known origins, ensuring their ethical mining practices. Similarly, her palo santo comes from Peru, where fallen trees are utilized rather than sourcing from live trees. Shaina also uses wild-harvested sage from California, incorporating biodegradable materials like 100% cotton or hemp for wrapping. She takes pride in repurposing broken or unused pieces, giving them new life and minimizing waste.

In describing how her crafts make her feel, Shaina Walker beautifully sums it up with a magical response:
"Like a unicorn."

The Meaning Behind One-of-a-Kind Pieces:

One of the key aspects of Shaina's creations is the craftsmanship and personal touch she brings to each piece. Everything she makes is one-of-a-kind, ensuring that the wearer receives a truly unique item. Shaina finds joy in connecting with her customers, making sure they feel inspired and uplifted by her creations. Whether it's jewelry, candles, or bundles, Shaina's intention is to inspire and empower individuals, encouraging them to embark on their own healing, creative, or self-love journeys.

The Magical Shop:

When asked about the range of products available in her shop, Shaina highlights the diverse offerings, including jewelry, candles, ethically sourced crystals, palo santo, sage, and yerba santa. Each item is intentionally crafted to inspire and uplift individuals, allowing them to connect with their inner selves and find inspiration in the process.

Creating with Passion:

For Shaina, the act of creating jewelry, art, or candles is a deeply fulfilling experience. She immerses herself in the process, allowing her creativity to flow freely. Whether she's working on her own or with her eight-year-old daughter Leyanna by her side, the artistic process becomes a shared moment of inspiration and expression. Shaina encourages Leyanna to embrace her own unique path, emphasizing the importance of self-expression and personal growth. Their shared creative experiences create a bond and inspire Leyanna to explore her own artistic talents. Shaina believes in encouraging others to find their own unique rhythm and express themselves through art, regardless of age or background.

The Power of Handmade:

Shaina cherishes the personal connection she shares with her customers through her handmade creations. Each piece carries her energy and intention, making it a heartfelt gift for others. Shaina recounts heartwarming stories of customers finding solace, inspiration, or a sense of self-empowerment through her jewelry and candles. Her goal is to create a space where individuals can feel seen, heard, and inspired to embrace their full selves.

Embracing Challenges and Trusting the Process:

As an entrepreneur and artist, Shaina acknowledges the challenges that come with pursuing a creative path. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs and artists to overcome their fears and take the leap. Shaina shares her personal experience of pushing through tough moments, even when faced with financial constraints. Her advice is to trust the process, see yourself as if you've already achieved your goals, and remain resourceful in the face of obstacles.


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